Section Five: Australian Future.

5 A. Vision and politics (see videos on this topic here)
▪   If we are to change Australia Day to which date should we change it?
▪   Is the Prime Minister a dual national?
▪   Is Australian democracy on its last legs?
▪   The Cost of our Fear; Transcript of my Ted Talk.
▪   Indonesian Beef: The biggest cost of our fear?
▪   Is Australia blowing its change at greatness? A speech to Australian MPs.
▪   Time to send Australia’s Ambassador back to Indonesia.
▪   Vale Malcolm Fraser
▪   Australia, What the F*#k is wrong with you?
▪   Is the tall poppy syndrome ruining Australia?
▪   Today, the issues are not gone. But the visionaries have fallen quiet.
▪   What are Australia’s great strengths? Do we value them?
▪  Stop The Australian Bollocks.
▪   Are you sick of political negativity?
▪   Wealth or oblivion? Australia’s future – its your choice.
▪   Australia: Hinge or Cringe – your call.
▪   Australia: A Good Country, Poorly Led.
▪   Why I quit the Labor Party.
▪   Why I voted the way I did.
▪   Bipartisan Liberalism.
▪   A challenging time for Labor too.
▪   Deakin University Oration: Better to light a candle than curse the darkness
▪   Address to the Order of Australia Association.

5 B. Wealth and economy
▪   Was it really the mining boom that saved Australia?
▪   Was Occupy Melbourne Right?
▪   Designed in Australia – built in the world. Have we missed our calling?
▪   Work with International Students for Soft-Diplomacy and Trade.
▪   Why not rescue our biggest export?

5 C. Indigenous Affairs, Race and racism
▪   If we are to change Australia Day to which date should we change it?
▪   Protection Must be Color Blind
▪   Has Multiculturalism worked?
▪  It’s not about the parrot.
▪  Why Andrew Bolt is wrong about Islam

5 D. Refugees
▪  Some Refugees are more equal than others.
▪  Tampa, 12 months on.
▪   Resettlement is the key to asylum solutions.
▪   Carrots and Sticks can solve the refugee debate
▪   Ignorant and Fearful or Informed and Hopeful?
▪   Raising Fear on Refugee Arrivals is a Red Herring
▪   Are Abbott and Howard just like Milosevic?
▪   Refugee health, our new stolen generation.
▪   Australia: withdraw or not withdraw from the Refugee Convention?
▪   Abbott: You’ve ‘Stopped The Boats’, now ‘Fix The Queue’.

5 E. Gender, Manhood and families
▪   The shift to solitary living is pushing up housing prices.
▪   About gay marriage.
▪   Thoughts on Manhood.
▪   Feminism or genderism: which is better?
▪   Parental and not maternity leave – the last great piece of social change – did we blow it?
▪   Do we need policies for non-families as well as families?

5 F. Health
▪   “Smoking with children? You can kill yourself, but don’t kill your kids.” Should we ban Cigarettes in cars?



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