Section Six: Melbourne’s Future. 


▪  The shift to solitary living is pushing up housing prices.
▪   Level Crossings Separation: What makes Melbourne Great.
▪   Level Crossings: New windfall gains capture to fund the promise that must be kept.
▪   It is time to accelerate housing density mix.
▪   Can a stadium say something about cultural strength?
▪   Is Docklands really that bad?
▪   After Docklands: – where to next?
▪   Can you have a liveable city without social cohesion?
▪   Infrastructure funding needs to be boosted in Australia
▪   Melbourne Needs a 50 year plan.
▪   A great city is a planned city.
▪   Melbourne with 8 million
▪   Decreasing Density of Melbourne is Dangerous.
▪   Decreasing Density is Still Dangerous
▪   Seventeen billion? Can Melbourne afford not to do it?
▪   Melbourne’s great architecture.
▪   Great Architecture in Melbourne.

Melbourne Identities!

▪  Vale Andrew Georghiou.

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