Section 1: Global Future

Andrew’s latest book reviewed here:
▪   Review: A Life Half Lived

Section One: Global Future

1 A. The Return Not Rise of China
▪  The Silk Road: A path to our future? (Link to my travel blog).
▪  China will not go to war with us, but we might be silly enough to go to war with them.
▪ Australia needs to be ready for the change of empire: USA to China.

1 B. The State of Democracy Itself.
▪ Is democracy on its last legs?

1 C. Religion, Terrorism, Extremism and over-reaction
▪  Do we care about little black girls?
▪ Is London Bridge Falling Down? London after the attacks.
▪ Should the media report the names of terrorists?
▪ Don’t let the terrorists scare you. You have to be extremely unlucky for them to get you.
▪ A Burqa Ban in Germany: Australia too?
▪ Rethinking  the Narrative on anti-Radicalism.
▪ Banning the Burkini will not help.
Sonia Kruger is not a racist, but she is a pawn in the terrorists hands
Brussels reminds us: Who is the ‘Us’ and who is the ‘them’ in the war with extremism?
▪ Republicans: Islamic State must be licking their lips
▪ Lessons from a would-be suicide bomber.
▪ Boots or no boots in Syria?
▪ Who will be the ‘Us’ and the ‘Them’ in the war with radical Islam?
▪ Three reasons why we are losing the war with the Islamic State.
▪ We need to defeat extremist terrorism. But are we doing it the right way?
▪ Why we must rethink Islam
▪  John Robertson: Islamic State’s firs Australian political scalp?
▪ Why Andrew Bolt is wrong about Islam
▪   Yemen – friendlier and more tolerant?
▪   Open letter to Islamic extremists.
▪   Osama’s death will not change the War on Terror. Al Qaeda is a franchise.
▪   Why Guantanamo shows the USA has learnt nothing from September 11
▪   Should we question the recognition of the Catholic Church as a religion?
▪   Priorities for the new Pope.
▪   The Crucifixions continued all afternoon.
▪   When Right flexes might.
▪   Why an obsession with sovereignty can harm our security.
▪   Time for and International Criminal Court.

1 D. Conflict and war.
▪  Has Trump become the puppet of the Saudi government over Qatar?
▪  The Moral Issues of war remain post Chilcott’s Iraq Report.
▪  Maybe, Just Maybe, The Russians Are Right in Crimea.
▪   East Timor: The Good Guys Won This One.
▪   Iraq: the West’s moral dilemma.
▪   Iraq: Howard no moral leg to stand on.
▪   The Iraqi people(written six weeks after the war).
▪   Are the Iraqi People better off?
▪   Iraq: The Moral Dilemma Continues.
▪   The Iraq shadow should not stop intervention in Syria.
▪   Civilian rule – The illusion of Pakistan Democracy.
▪   Is the West getting policy on Egypt wrong?
▪   Maria: A Lonely tear that never dries.

1 E. Natural Disaster
▪   The start of the Pakistan Earthquake relief.
▪   Non-Interfering Coordination: Pakistan’s Earthquake Relief
▪   With proper planning we will bounce back.

1 F. Aid and Aid Workers. (See video in this topic here).
▪  Do we care about little black girls?
▪  In a world where the UN rapes children, business has to step up.
▪  Child Rape in Charity must Stop.
▪  Trump’s foreign Aid Cuts may be a good thing, if done right.
▪   Humanitarian Negotiations with Non State Armed Groups.
▪   Why aid workers are now in the crosshairs
▪   The government has just turned its back on Australian Aid workers who need our help.
▪   The Fallacy of Foreign Aid
▪   Well if the Aid budget doesn’t work, why not cut it? Ex-Aid worker.
▪   Real or fraud: do Child Sponsorships in aid work?
▪   Review: A Life Half Lived

1 G. Private sector and poverty alleviation.
▪   The business case for good corporate behaviour.
▪   Business procurement – a tool for community building.
▪   Business providing leadership.
▪   Do Australian resource companies help local communities?
▪   Development investment not development aid, a new way forward.
▪   Why Change is Coming Fast in Community Development
▪   Can the ‘risk’ equation convince companies to work with communities?
▪   Why Go it Alone in Community Development?

1 H. Something fun.
▪   Is the Fairy Flag the Landravager?

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