Showreel of Andrew MacLeod

Consistently ranked number one or two at conferences, Professor MacLeod is a highly engaging speaker who leaves audiences thinking ‘wow, I have never thought about things that way before’.

He always works with conference organisers to create a bespoke product for thier audiences and never gives a ‘stock’ presentation.

MacLeod speaks on the following topics:

Extract from Andrew’s presentation to DHL on China.

1. Opportunities and threats that come from a  resurgent China and the true dynamics behind the rise.
MacLeod speaks regularly at international conferences on Asia and the rise of China and what he labels the ’sixth great human translation’. He explain how demographics and individual productivity are the two driving forces behind this change and how you can take advantage of it.

2. Corporate and community relations for profit and purpose.
Leadership or economic development partnership between private sector and not for profit collaboration will be key opportunities into the future. MacLeod explains how corporaations can re-imagine the relationship with local communities to lower risk, imporve profits and get better outcomes for the people in those communities. It is the win-win that he seeks.

Extract on leadership speeches.

3. General lessons on leadership and partnership.
Having been to six wars and numerous natural disasters MacLeod draws lessons on leadership in crisis that can be fully transferable into the corporate setting.

Samples and contact:
To see samples of Andrew’s presentations, please see his YouTube speaking channel here.

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