About gay marriage

Recently a number of people have put big white equals signs on their Facebook profile shots.

Just in case you are wondering what the big white equals sign means, it is for marriage equality.
Now, as a committed non-marriage guy, I really don’t have a dog in this fight, other than to say: 

Get over it. Change the law.

If people want to marry and make a public commitment to each other – let them. The state should not intervene and prevent people from voluntarily committing themselves to each other, and assuming the legal rights and responsibilities that such a commitment entails..
But nor should the state intervene and require religions to change their views and accept religious ceremonies for same sex couples.

So, a solution?
Let people be joined by recognised state officials (as mixed gender couples can today with celebrants or at the town hall). So let’s define ‘marriage’ as a legal union between two people regardless of gender and get over that bit.

Let’s then say that a ‘holly union’ or ‘religious marriage’, which will have no legal affect, is up to each religion to determine. A duly recognised religion can define requirements for members of its flock.

But this would require separating the legal act and the religious act. Is this a radical thought? 

Perhaps it is in Australia or the US. But consider Europe. 

In Switzerland for example, a couple must be legally married at the town hall for at least two weeks before any religious celebration. 

So separating religious and legal ‘marriage’ is not such a big deal. 

Best of both worlds if you ask me.
And if you are thinking of getting married, invite me and put me on the unattached table.

More discussion like this is in: 

3 Replies to “About gay marriage”

  1. “a legal union between two people” two, only two! Boring! What about polyandry or polygyny or any other of the poly forms or group marriages. Apart from liberating some people, perhaps a growing number of people, and allowing increased religious freedoms, the legal profession may grow due to more complex contracts and settlements. There could be other economic benefits. I’d love to see some economic modelling on poly form marriages in modern economies. There are potential efficiencies. In post peak production societies and with declining resource availability, efficiencies may need to be found. Human survival may depend on it. The atomic family may be seen in retrospect as a misguided folly, just as the excessive burning of fossil fuels will certainly be.


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